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High-dose Vitamin C

This IV infusion is designed for colds and flu and may decrease recovery duration and alleviate symptoms.  It can contribute to fatigue reduction and provide an energy surge, particularly when combined with B vitamins.  It can also aid in faster wound healing, possess antihistamine properties from Vitamin C to assist with allergies, and elevate neurotransmitter levels to help alleviate depression symptoms.

Benefits of high-dose vitamin C may include reduced illness recovery time, less fatigue, faster wound healing, depression relief, and allergy support.

High-Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy


This concentrated Vitamin C IV infusion may lessen recovery time, reduce fatigue, aid in faster wound healing, relieve depression symptoms, and help alleviate allergies.

Cold and flu recovery

This boost of Vitamin C may help you recover more quickly to keep you in good mental, emotional, and physical health.

Wound healing

When an injury strikes, you need High-dose Vitamin C to help your body repair damaged tissue and heal more quickly.

Depression support

Calm your mind, emotions, and central nervous system with High-dose Vitamin C to relieve pesky depression symptoms.

Fatigue recovery

High-dose Vitamin C may help your body recover more quickly from illness and keep you feeling your best day after day.

Allergy support

You may relieve uncomfortable allergy symptoms such as sneezing and itching with this powerful dosage of Vitamin C.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerhouse that helps repair tissues, heal wounds, maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth, and absorb iron.


Hydrate while you soak up Vitamin C with a 1L saline bag.

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