Flu & Illness

Flu and Illness IV Therapy CT

This IV infusion supports a strong immune system, fixes damage to cell DNA, offers lysine treatment for cold sores caused by the zoster virus, and triggers powerful immune responses. The benefits of Flu & Illness may include quicker recovery from a wide range of ailments, such as the common cold, and better health.


Myers Cocktail IV Therapy CT

One of the most popular IV therapy treatments available, the Myers’ Cocktail incorporates a traditional blend of intravenous fluids, essential vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants, which can improve various health conditions. John Myers developed the initial recipe for the Myers’ Cocktail in the sixties and seventies to treat a range of medical issues, and a similar […]

Immune Boost

Immune Boost IV Therapy CT

This IV infusion defends the body and helps speed up recovery from airborne illnesses like the common cold. The benefits of Immune Boost may include quicker recovery from a wide range of ailments and better health overall.

High-dose Vitamin C

High-Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy

This IV infusion is designed for colds and flu and may decrease recovery duration and alleviate symptoms.  It can contribute to fatigue reduction and provide an energy surge, particularly when combined with B vitamins.  It can also aid in faster wound healing, possess antihistamine properties from Vitamin C to assist with allergies, and elevate neurotransmitter […]

Workout Recovery

Workout Recovery IV Therapy CT

This IV infusion aids individuals in recuperating from exercise or sickness by concentrating on enhancing muscle recovery speed, strengthening the immune system, and reducing bodily inflammation. Benefits of Workout Recovery may include faster muscle recovery, a stronger immune system, and reduced swelling.