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This IV infusion incorporates a combination of intravenous fluids and essential electrolytes, specifically designed to facilitate rapid hydration, resulting in rejuvenation.

The benefits of Hydration may include increased energy levels, improved cellular function, balanced fluids, and stable blood pressure.

Hydration IV Therapy South Windsor, CT


Hydration boasts many benefits for the body and should be a regular part of your health journey. It’s known to bring rapid hydration to the body, boost overall energy levels, provide the electrolytes your body needs, and keep your body functioning well at the cellular level. Hydration may be perfect for those who suffer from sicknesses such as vomiting and diarrhea, those who exercise strenuously, anyone suffering from severe injuries or burns, and even those recovering from surgery who are unable to eat or drink.

Rapid hydration

This IV infusion is specifically designed to facilitate rapid hydration within the body to keep you feeling your absolute best.

Energy boost

If you are often in need of an afternoon nap (or another cup of coffee), consider Hydration to give you the energy boost you crave.

Cellular function support

Cells are the basic units of life and without proper support, your body will not function as designed. Use Hydration to stay in tip-top shape.

Body rejuvenation

Feeling run down? Hydration can help you rejuvenate your body in no time!


Our bodies use electrolytes to facilitate good muscle and nerve functions and help to maintain acidity, balance, and overall fluid levels.



This sodium chloride and water mixture promotes fluid balance, helps absorb and transport nutrients, relaxes muscles, and maintains blood pressure.

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